Alasdair Bouch (UK)

A gentleman in a hat, with a guitar and a penetrating voice. The charismatic British musician has been living and performing in the Czech Republic for many years. In his work he follows up on the tradition of English lyric based songs, but the influence of traditional blues is sometimes heard in his songs too. His albums have funny titles referencing the numerical order of their release, such as his second album called ‘Second-Hand Lullabies‘, the fourth which was then called ‘Go Forth‘. He is a globetrotter with a guitar in his hand, so clearly there is some experience in his lyrics that he has picked up on his long travels.

The concert is supported by the British Embassy Prague.


When and where?

Saturday 13:15 - 14:00
Hlavní město Praha Praha 8 Great 100 let British Embassy Karlín Group Česká televize Radio 1 ČRo Jazz