Island (UK)

This London foursome are not idle. Exactly one year since last year’s album ‘Feels Like Air’, they released their new EP ‘When We’re Still’ this April. The French website, Sound melted with their use of adjectives when describing the group – the songs are “beautiful”, “dreamy, but with plenty of energy”, ‘’full of tunes’’, “aerated guitar riffs”, ‘’catchy and warm singing, full of emotion and intensity”. The band make use of the fact that it was created when they were all teenagers, basing a lot of content on mutual friendship, which, despite the youth of all members, adds to the conviction and ability to pass on their emotions to the audience. Their energetic concerts have brought them not only sold out halls in Britain and a successful American tour but also participation in the renowned Great Escape, the American SXSW and Reeperbahn in Germany.


The concert is supported by the British Embassy Prague


When and where?

Saturday 19:15 - 20:15
Hlavní město Praha Praha 8 Great 100 let British Embassy Karlín Group Česká televize Radio 1 ČRo Jazz