JAF 34 (CZ)

A mysterious, audio-experimental audio-visual grouping that draws on post-rock, electro-noise, and ambient. Some people label it a “supergroup” due to the members coming from other groups but there are no set rules with the group and the goal is to move boundaries rather than stick to safe areas and certainties, and the musical components are as important as the graphic design. The songs comment on the emptiness of a virtual world that is “full of endorphin stimulation of no importance, such as likes, hearts, matches and comments on social sites. A world of loneliness, where we communicate with everyone, but we are not talking to anyone in real life. A world of possibilities that is at the same time empty. “

Hlavní město Praha Praha 8 Great 100 let British Embassy Karlín Group Česká televize Radio 1 ČRo Jazz