Trupa Trupa (PL)

You may or may not have seen this inconspicuous four piece from distant Gdansk at last year’s Colors of Ostrava or this year’s Sharpe festival in Bratislava, but their remarkable mix of punk, psychedelic, pop or noise has been noticed by journalists across Western Europe and their fourth album has been released on the British label Blue tapes. The band speaks both Swans and Beatles in one breath, and journalists talk about Syd Barrett, Mogwai or Radiohead, which – though not painting a picture of very happy music – raises the audience’s growing respect and desire to understand the ambiguous and unscheduled songs.


The concert is supported by the Polish Institute in Prague
Polský Institut

When and where?

Saturday 20:00 - 21:00
Hlavní město Praha Praha 8 Great 100 let British Embassy Karlín Group Česká televize Radio 1 ČRo Jazz